Welcome to Llangollen Motor Museum

 Our museum has been described in our visitors book as many things including.

  • Funny and informative
  • A trip down memory lane
  • Wonderful "as is" museum.
  • Excellent but very strange

We try to be interesting and informative but most of all to demonstrate the charm and character of our motoring past. The museum is not just two rows of old cars quietly rusting away.

Most of our vehicles are on the road. The collection includes a model "T" Ford, a Vauxhall 14/40, several Austins and Citroens.

Among the motor bikes are most of the names that bring back memories of "British Bikes". The Norton, the Triumph, the Ariel, the Sunbeam and the B.S.A. An experience not to be missed.

Llangollen Motor Museum has:

  • More than 60 vehicles from cars to invalid carriages and pedal cars
  • The cars that grandad used to drive

Here is also a link of a brilliant article writen by Michael George  from John's motorcycle news


School parties are most welcome. The owners are always ready to answer questions and explain how motoring has changed.

For car clubs we have a private field available for picnics or overnight camping

friday, saturday, sunday and monday

9:30am - 5:00pm

last addmition 4:00PM